Which brand of automotive LED headlights is better?

I believe that many of life has a car friends, your original car lights are basically halogen lights, but after a year or two years of use, feel the halogen light effect is not good, or drive on the road think others car LED car lights better, this time you may want to change the car lights. So, here's the problem. For a car owner who is unfamiliar with car lights, what brand of lights should you choose?


CC-LOT SmartEye Series

A pair of SmartEye headlights illuminate the future intelligently.Even if it is heavy rain, the continued rain is falling chick and fast, and all the street lights are turned off, or even a truck is passing by , we are calm and calm. SmartEye headlights know not only the ways, and what is more, they are better than an old hand headlight. With them, Success is in front of us.


CC-LOT KingEye Series

A pair of KingEye headlights can see clearly through the mist. Although sometimes foggy, turn and turn of the road, with KingEye headlights ,we can go home safely and reunite with family , sharing the happiness of family union.


CC-LOT EagleEye Series

Two EagleEye Headlights can light up the dark way brightly and clearly. In the dark night ,we keep moving steadily, although the road is tortuous and bumpy. The future is bright,we are full of confidence. We know there is a pair of EagleEye headlights light up our way brightly and clearly when we are driving.


Car light conversion, is it better to change LED lights or Xenon lights?

Some users leave a message: now basically 100,000 level models are halogen headlights, sometimes the night lighting road are not clear, if you want to upgrade the headlights, then in the end to change the LED headlights, or xenon headlights? On this subject, the old driver is going to analyze it with you below.