CC-LOT KingEye Series

2017-10-23 13:32:09  CC-LOT  2322

A pair of KingEye headlights can see clearly through the mist.

Although sometimes foggy, turn and turn of the road, with KingEye headlights ,we can go home safely and reunite with family , sharing the happiness of family union.

1.Small light-emitting area LED light source;

2.Driver solution with Imported IC chips;

3.Pure copper heat pipe thermal conductivity, Super heat transfer capability;

4.Thermoelectric separation copper substrate, Quickly take away the heat.

Item No.

Heat Dissipation   Type 

Input Voltage/V Power/W Lumen/LM CCT/K
HB1 Copper Belt 12-24 32 3200 6500
MB1 Copper Belt 12-24 28 2800 6500
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