CC-LOT is Referred to “Created in China ,Light of tomorrow” .It means that we make our products in China creatively and intelligently, and we research&development the auto LED headlights of the future. CC-LOT belongs to Yufing Intelligent technology Group Co; Ltd. As Yufing Group ‘s professional auto headlight brand, it positions world class high-end auto LED headlight brand.Since CC-LOT is d, We hold the concept of technical innovation as our guiding ideology. CC-LOT represents the evolution of the development for auto LED headlights .With the R&D and marketing elites gathering, focusing on the core technology of automotive headlights, CC-LOT has widely used the internet of things and cloud management to service the vast  automotive aftermarket partners at home and abroad, and offered supporting service to domestic auto light factory.

Under the leadership of president Yuli Pan, CC-LOT has accomplished market strategy planning in the area of Asia, Europe, America, Africa, etc. and quickly registered CC-LOT LED lighting brand worldwide. With the core technology of auto LED headlights as its basis, the product quality as its fundamental, sincere and thoughtful service, CC-LOT has obtained a great reputation in global LED auto headlight market.

CC-LOT firmly reply on Yufing Group, with the help of the whole industry chain advantage of Yufing group’s LED chip technology, encapsulation technology and application market. Especially to meet Group ‘s scale development. About 100 thousand square meters Dongguan industrial park will be launched in 2018. At that time, with the upstream, stream and downstream integrated advantage, the leading comprehensive competitiveness, the core automotive headlight technology and the independent brand, the CC-LOT Auto headlights will be a famous star worldwide.