CC-LOT SmartEye Series

2017-10-23 13:13:58  CC-LOT  2328


A pair of SmartEye headlights illuminate the future intelligently.

Even if it is heavy rain, the continued rain is falling chick and fast, and all the street lights are turned off, or even a truck is passing by , we are calm and calm. SmartEye headlights know not only the ways, and what is more, they are better than an old hand headlight. With them, Success is in front of us.

1.Philips Auto-lever LED light source;
2.Driver solution with Imported IC chips;
3.Accurate reflective surface design to ensure the standard light pattern;

4.Thermoelectric separation copper substrate, Quickly take away the heat.

No. Heat dissipation type Input Voltage/V Power/W Lumen/LM CCT/K

High Speed

Mute Fan

12-24 36 3600 6500

High Speed

Mute Fan 

12-24 36 3200 6500

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