Good news!Yufing Group accepted the interview of CCTV today. CCTV conducted an on-site shooting of China Electronics Yufing Grou

2019-11-21 11:08:57    2022

Chairman Pan reviewed the development history of Yufing Group in LED photoelectric field, commercial and industrial lighting fields. At the same time, Ms.Pan interpreted the Group's business strategy for the next five years in the sustainable development of automotive LED lighting, modern agricultural plant growth LED lighting, LED professional subdivision lighting and UVC LED bio-sterilization light source applications.

Mr. Deng Deng, Vice President of Yufing Group, Mr. Luo Yuan, General Manager of Yufing Group, and other relevant department leaders accompanied and attended the interview. In the interview, Chairman Pan said: "Our company must win the industry reputation by using our product strength, try our best to meet and serve customers, and grow with customers together. Our corporate vision is to be a respected company. 

We not only care for and encourage employees, but also hope that they can rely on Yufing Group to build themselves in their career plannings. At the same time, they can find a sense of belonging of regarding Yufing Group as their home. And hope they can gain what they want by growing together with Yufing Group.

Ms. Pan, chairman of Yufing Group, said that the 16-year stable development of Yufing Group is inseparable from the team's contribution and support.We must take the mission of creating Yufing Group a century-long enterprise, giving back to the society and serving the ry!

Many thanks to CCTV interview team for today's interview and shooting.
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