CC-LOT EagleEye Series

2017-10-23 13:39:58  CC-LOT  2087

Two EagleEye Headlights can light up the dark way brightly and clearly.

In the dark night ,we keep moving steadily, although the road is tortuous and bumpy. The future is bright,we are full of confidence. We know there is a pair of EagleEye headlights light up our way brightly and clearly when we are driving.

1.Aluminum thermal conductive radiator;

2.Customized high speed-mute fan;

3.Rotary inlet hole design ,Reduce the fan’s intake resistance ,less noise;

Item No.

Heat Dissipation Type

Input Voltage/V Power/W Lumen/LM CCT/K

High Spee

Mute Fan

12-24 32 3200 6500

High Speed

Mute Fan 

12-24 30 3000 6500
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